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Established in 1998, Lanotec Australia, a proudly owned Australian company, today operates one of the largest manufacturing facilities of natural sustainable industrial consumable products in Australia. Our special projects division based in WA is strategically placed to meet the technical demands of the Oil & Gas and Mining industries. Our geographic spread has enabled Lanotec Australia to be a truly national provider of industrial consumable solutions in Australia.

Lanotec Australia is committed to developing environmentally friendlier products based around the unique properties of lanolin, citrus oil and other natural products. The Lanotec range is manufactured to strict quality standards and independent application testing using NATA certified laboratories. Our testing includes, AS 2331.3.1 ‐ Neutral Salt Spray (Corrosion), AS 2106.2 ‐ Flash Point, AS 1580.460.2 ‐ Resistance to Acid & Alkali and AS 2380.2, clause 4.2 ‐ Flameproof Enclosure.

Our quality policies include;
HACCP, Lanotec Grease, Heavy Duty and General Purpose are endorsed for use for industry operating a HACCP based food safety program
NZFSA (New Zealand Food Safety Authority) Lanotec products are approved for use in premises processing all animal products except dairy, operating under the animal products act regime. NZFSA approved C12-Grease, General Purpose and Heavy Duty; NZFSA approved C32-Citraforce
TAHER Accreditation (HALAL) Lanotec is accredited to manufacture TAHER (SUCI) goods for handling by Muslims
AQIS, Lanotec products are approved for use in export registered meat establishments.

Lanotecs range of natural products will help reduce costs, reduce downtime, reduce consumables, increase productivity and create a safer workplace. Lanotec strives to reduce the environmental and workplace impact caused by the over use of toxic petroleum based products that are detrimental to our planet and future generations.

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