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New Citra-Force Formulation

The new Citra-Force is a blend of organic solvents, orange and coconut oils and is non hazardous, non flammable, non toxic and biodegradable. The key applications for this new blend include the removal and breakdown of greases, bitumen, adhesives, paint overspray and decarbonising agents. The performance charactertistics of the new Citra-Force are very smiliar to its […]

Green Orange Drums

New Green Drums and GHS Compliance

In line with Safe Work Australia’s GHS guidelines, all product dispatched from Lanotec warehouses from December 2016 contains GHS compliant labelling. This applies to product already manufactured, and will feature on all Lanotec products going forward. Any product found on the shelves of our supply partners was manufactured prior to December 2016, and as per […]

CF Group NF plus 1.5b

New Citra-Force, now Non-DG

Due to regulation changes in 2016 that limited our ability to obtain certain environmentally safer ingredients, Lanotec has had to make an alteration to our Citra-Force product. In changing the formula we have created a better product, with new features and benefits. Along with citrus oil, Citra-Force now also included an ingredient derived from coconut […]

Landline screen

Lanotec on ABC Landline

Lanotec Australia has featured on ABC’s Landline program twice, in 2001 and 2011. The 2001 video features an introduction to lanolin, including the scouring process and use of industrial grade lanolin, company information and applications of Lanotec products in industry. The 2011 video is a followup on the growth of Lanotec and the importance of […]

Dressed Timber

Protecting Dressed Timber with Lanotec Timber Seal

Lanotec Timber Seal is the ideal choice for those who wish to protect their timber assets while maintaining a natural look. Timber Seal penetrates into the timber, preventing moisture ingress which causes wood rot. It also keeps the timber supple, preventing it from drying, cracking and splitting. Lanotec products are derived from natural ingredients including […]