Automotive & Transport


  • Corrosion protection and lubrication of springs, twistlocks, wheel hubs, nuts and bolts, brake hardware
  • Protect vinyl dash and trim – a light spray or apply with cloth, leave a few minutes, buff with clean cloth
  • Protect and lubricate locks, hinge pins,seatslides, bonnet, boot and tail gate struts and hinges
  • ECM circuit boards,control boxes, switchgear, toggle switches, electrical connectors, battery terminals and boxes
  • Corrosion protection for starter motors, alternators, generators and electrical equipment
  • Penetrant to free up corroded parts
  • Chassis rails, body panels (internally), lock assemblies, leaf springs
  • Moisture barrier for motors and pumps
  • Protecting, rejuvenating and preserving leather, plastics, vinyls and timber work
  • Lubricant for drilling, cutting, machining and pressing
  • Cable lubrication

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  • Motorcycle and forklift chain lubrication including x-ring and o-ring
  • Protection for battery terminals, boxes and connectors
  • Assembly lube for rubber hoses and multi-pin plugs
  • Assembly lube for suspension components
  • Chain lubricant for vehicle hoists (including Molnar hoists)
  • Lubricant for wire ropes, slings and winch cables

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  • Lubricant for linkages, rubber hoses, pivot pins and bushes
  • Prevent “squealing” of drive belts and tensioners to keep them in a good condition and non-slip when wet (note: only a light application is required on -toggle switches)
  • Belt grip
  • Bonnets, boot catches, rubber ‘O” rings and seals
  • Anti-seize for threaded rods
  • Corrosion protection of electrical components
  • CAT specification for multi-pin connectors and wiring harnesses
  • Stops electrolysis due to dissimilar metals
  • Stops galling of stainless and alloys
  • Not to be used in high speed bearings

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  • 4WD underbody protection – Less tackiness than Heavy Duty
  • Suitable for mining Light Vehicles, to stop rust while working underground
  • Protection for under chassis of beach access vehicles
  • Wash sand off after use and reapply every few months

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Lanotec Citra-Force Group


  • Removal of grease, oil, asphalt, silicone, carbon, adhesives, decal glue, even tyre rubber on most surfaces
  • Carburettor, brake and electrical contact cleaner
  • Quick break degreaser and parts washer
  • Foam filter cleaner
  • Cleans stainless and aluminium without streaking

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  • Parts Washing
  • Cleaning/degreasing before paint preparation (fast drying)
  • Cleaning electrical equipment
  • Safety harness cleaner

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Industry Champion – Roothy

OK, Lanolin, I spray Milo twice a year, usually before coastal trips. Not being a good looker (me and the truck…) I don’t bother cleaning it off, the sand will stick but it will drop off, in fact it usually gets knocked off in the next mud bath. I have used Citra-Force to remove Lanotec from the paint of the family car and it works fine, plus all natural.

Lanolin has kept Milo’s rust issues pretty much static for the last fourteen years,which have often involved plenty of salt dousings/bogged in salt water etc etc and usually unless it rains she doesn’t get a wash until weeks later when I’m finally tired of chasing the wife around after the trip.
As to electronic rust prevention, I’ve never had any luck with it but I’m always hearing of people who reckon it works – give me Lanotec anytime, it spreads, heals itself, keeps the electrics waterproof (especially around connections) and lubricates brake cables and stuff. No, I’m not paid to use it, I don’t think they even advertise, I just kept trying things until I found something that worked – and didn’t smell of old fish heads….
As to dosage, use about a litre everywhere underneath, sprayed with a squirter, not a pressure pack. At least that works for me. Now go and have some more fun….

John ‘Roothy’ Rooth, 4WD Action Forum, July 2nd, 2011, 7:21 am