Lanotec Citra-Force Group


  • An industrial strength, water soluble cleaner/degreaser concentrate
  • Non conductive to 25kV
  • A quick break degreaser
  • Decarbonise, degrease electric motors and brakes
  • Parts washer
  • Cleans electrical and electronic components, stainless steel and raw aluminium
  • Cleans workshop floors
  • Non streaking
  • Removes light corrosion from circuit boards

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  • Penetrant, frees up rusted parts
  • Non conductive to 70kV
  • Moisture, salt and acid resistant
  • Food grade
  • Electrical cabinets, locks and hinges
  • Circuit boards, PC boards, ECM’s and ECU’s
  • Control panels
  • General storage protection
  • Industrial and commercial scales
  • Connection points and terminals
  • For toggle switches, make sure contact area is cleaned after application
  • Light cable lubrication

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  • Non conductive to 70kV
  • Moisture, salt and acid resistant
  • Food grade
  • Corrosion protection of electric motors in highly corrosive environments e.g. fertilizer sheds and mines
  • Internals of air conditioning units
  • Rust protection of galvanised ducting
  • Externals of air conditioning cabinets
  • All marine electrics
  • Battery boxes, connectors and terminals
  • Cross arm bolts, buzz bars
  • Cable pulling lubricant
  • Lubrication of non greasable link arms

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  • Non conductive to 70kV
  • Food grade
  • Stops electrolysis due to dissimilar metals
  • Non perishing to rubber “O” rings & seals
  • Use on multipole connectors
  • Assembly grease for corrosion protection of wiring harnesses
  • Smear multi pin plugs before connecting to provide an air tight fitting and stop wires from fracturing
  • Prevents galling of stainless steel and aluminium
  • Rubber grease, nozzle dip
  • Anti seize for threaded rods

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