CF Group NF plus 1.5b

Due to regulation changes in 2016 that limited our ability to obtain certain environmentally safer ingredients, Lanotec has had to make an alteration to our Citra-Force product. In changing the formula we have created a better product, with new features and benefits.

Along with citrus oil, Citra-Force now also included an ingredient derived from coconut plants. Lanotec maintains it commitment to providing industrial strength solutions using the power of natural, sustainable resources.

The new formula Citra-Force combines the power of the Citra-Force brand, as a cleaner and degreaser that can clean and remove items that other cleaners struggle to do. The new formula now also dries better after wash off.

Citra-Force is now classed as non-dangerous goods, for transport and storage (Excluding Aerosols). Check your container for the red flammable liquid diamond. If the packaging does not contain this pictogram, it is the new formula, non-DG Citra-Force.

The new labels feature the Global Harmonized System (GHS) labelling, and complies with Australian Safe Work Guidelines, that become mandatory in 2017.

The 20L now comes in an easy to identify orange cube, with tap included for easy decanting.