Green Orange Drums

In line with Safe Work Australia’s GHS guidelines, all product dispatched from Lanotec warehouses from December 2016 contains GHS compliant labelling. This applies to product already manufactured, and will feature on all Lanotec products going forward. Any product found on the shelves of our supply partners was manufactured prior to December 2016, and as per the Safe Work amendment (More info), does not require compliant labelling.

Should your workplace require GHS compliant labels on currently held stock, please contact Lanotec

All Safety Data Sheets on the Lanotec website are GHS compliant.

Consistent with our commitment to provide environmentally safer products, and to highlight that our products are sourced from natural, sustainable ingredients, our 20L drums now come in Lanotec Green, and our Citra-Force comes in an orange 20L drum. This helps Lanotec stand out in warehouses and at workplaces across Australia and abroad.