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  • Lanotec-Citra-Force-Group


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    A citrus based, industrial strength, water soluble cleaner / degreaser concentrate.

      • Safely cleans aluminium, stainless and anodised surfaces without streaking(neutral pH)
      • A quick break degreaser and parts washer, safe for biocycles
      • Removes bituminous based products, oil, grease, carbon, adhesives, acrylic paintoverspray, shipping waxes, blackjack, uncured silicone or sealants, lanolin, rubberised glues
      • Cleans electrical and electronic components, foam filters, workshop floors,toilet and showers, safety harnesses, webbing and BBQ’s
  • Lanotec-General-Purpose-Group

    General Purpose Liquid Lanolin

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    For all round lubrication and corrosion protection, suitable for use in all industries.

      • Penetrates deep through rust, frees up rusted tools and components
      • Stops squeaks for longer
      • Provides ongoing lubrication and corrosion protection
      • Lubricant for drilling, tapping & machining
      • Cleans, rejuvenates and extends the life of metal, timber, vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber, fibreglass and powder coated surfaces
      • Protection of electrical equipment & components – Non conductive to 70kV. Includes circuit boards, switches, boxes, air conditioners etc
      • Light lubricant and protectant for hinges, zippers, padlocks, sliding doors, locks and chains
      • Long term indoors storage protection
      • Long lasting and resists wash off
      • Food Grade (AQIS & HACCP Accredited)
  • Steel-Seal-Group


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    A low-tack protective film for all metal surfaces

      • Parts storage protection
      • 4WD & LV underbodies
      • Trucks, trailers*, ag & marine
      • Heavy industrial machinery & plant

    *Note: Not recommended for galvanised surfaces

  • Lanotec-Timber-Seal-Group

    Timber Seal

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    Weatherproofs and protects dressed timber while maintaining its natural look.

      • For decking, outdoor furniture, fencing, gates, beehives and cladding
      • Penetrates into the timber, providing a natural finish
      • Prevents drying, splitting, cracking and wood rot
      • For weatherproofing and storage of external timber
      • Highlights the natural grain & features
      • Can be tinted to restore colour (mix in 2-3% of oil based stain)
      • Can be sprayed, brushed or rolled
      • Can be polished to a low sheen
      • View our information and application videos here
    Coverage Guide
    Softwood New Approx 10-15m2/ltr
    Softwood Old Approx 8-10m2/ltr
    Hardwood New Approx 8-10m2/ltr
    Hardwood Old Approx 6-8m2/ltr
  • Lanotec-UP-Group

    U.P. Ultimate Protection

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    Lanotec U.P. is the ultimate in corrosion protection in highly corrosive / acidic environments.

    • Forms a low-tack protective skin which is moisture, salt, acid and fertiliser resistant
    • Stops rust dead in its tracks
    • Corrosion protection for;
      • Fertiliser and chemical storage facilities and equipment
      • Mining equipment (above and below ground)
      • Pump sheds
      • 4×4 underbodies
      • Shipping protection
      • Component storage protection
      • Electrical cabinets
      • Coastal plant operations
      • Irrigation equipment
      • Boom sprayers, misters, fertiliser spreaders
      • Marine applications
      • Vehicle restoration
      • Trucks, trailers* & agbikes
      • Cattle and animal transport
      • Drill pipe casing (ID and OD)
    • *not recommended for galvanised surfaces