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  • Lanotec-Timber-Seal-Group

    Timber Seal

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    Weatherproofs and protects dressed timber while maintaining its natural look.

      • For decking, outdoor furniture, fencing, gates, beehives and cladding
      • Penetrates into the timber, providing a natural finish
      • Prevents drying, splitting, cracking and wood rot
      • For weatherproofing and storage of external timber
      • Highlights the natural grain & features
      • Can be tinted to restore colour (mix in 2-3% of oil based stain)
      • Can be sprayed, brushed or rolled
      • Can be polished to a low sheen
      • View our information and application videos here
    Coverage Guide
    Softwood New Approx 10-15m2/ltr
    Softwood Old Approx 8-10m2/ltr
    Hardwood New Approx 8-10m2/ltr
    Hardwood Old Approx 6-8m2/ltr
  • Lanotec-Timber-Seal-PLUS

    Timber Seal Plus

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    A timber sealant for rough sawn timber such as boardwalks and jetties.

      • Ideal for environmentally sensitive areas (waterways and wetlands)
      • Extends the life of timber
      • Prevents drying, splitting and end grain swelling
      • Corrosion protection for metal fittings and fastenings
      • Protects against wood rot
      • Can be tinted to restore colour (2-3% oil based stain recommended)
      • Coverage Guide
        • Approx 5-6m² / Litre
        • Coverage rate will depend on age and type of timber

    Note: Timber Seal PLUS is too thick for domestic decking applications, and is therefore not recommended

  • Lanotec Type A Grease Group

    Type ‘A Grease

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    A certified food grade lubricant grease.

      • Anti-seize for threaded rod, shackles, nuts & bolts
      • Cutting and drilling aid
      • Sealant for timber joints and bridge bearers, timber end grain protection
      • Moisture proofing of multi pin plugs
      • Food grade
      • Non conductive to 70kV
      • Salt spray tested to AS 2331.3.1
      • Rubber grease, nozzle dip
      • Stops galling of stainless and aluminium
      • Stops electrolysis due to dissimilar metals
      • Non perishing to rubber ‘O’ rings and seals
    Type ‘A’ Grease Petroleum Based Products
    User Friendly
    Acid and Salt Resistant
    Resists Wash Off