Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin

A lubricant and corrosion inhibitor best suited to marine, heavy industrial and commercial applications.

Long lasting lubrication and protection in corrosive environments.

    • Marine grade lubricant and protectant
    • Penetrates, lubricates and protects wire ropes and slings
    • Non-fling lubricant and protectant for high speed & load bearing chains (X-ring & O-ring)
    • Spray on anti-seize
    • Protection of electrical components & connectors, including battery terminals, boxes, connectors, outboard motors and pumps – non conductive to 70kV
    • Cable pulling lubricant
    • External storage protection
    • Food Grade (AQIS & HACCP accredited)
    • Extends service intervals of plant & equipment
    • Suitable for use on: metal, timber, fibreglass, plastic, leather, rubber, vinyl & powder coated surfaces
Sizes Product Code
400g Aerosol HD\PP-0400
750ml Spray Pack HD\SP-0750
5 Litres HD\0005
20 Litres HD\0020
200 Litres* HD\0200
1000 Litres* HD\1000
Empty 1.5L Applicator Bottle AC\PS-1500HD

*requires agitation equipment

Safety Data Sheets

Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin SDS (pdf)
Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin Aerosol SDS (pdf)


Product Data Sheets

Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin Data Sheet (pdf)

Product Info Sheet

Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin Info Sheet (pdf)