Release Agent

A concentrated, water soluble, concrete release agent.

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A concentrated, water soluble, concrete release agent.

    • Mix 1 part Release Agent to 6 parts water for use as:
      • Formwork Release Agent
      • Tilt Panel Bond Breaker
      • Precast Mould Oil
      • 20L of Release Agent will make 140L of product for use
      • Coverage rate approx 20-25m²/L of mixed product
    • Safe to use in environmentally sensitive areas
    • Mix 1 part Release Agent to 4 parts water for:
      • A lubricant and corrosion inhibitor for jacks and fittings
      • Protects equipment, window frames and structures from concrete and paint overspray
    • Extends the life of timber formwork
    • Protects end grains from swelling
    • Safe for polystyrene block outs
    • Non staining for coloured concrete
    • Spray on equipment to protect from concrete overspray
Release Agent Petroleum Based Products
Biodegradable Release Agent Non petroleum based release agent
User Friendly user friendly release agent biodegradable release agent
Acid and Salt Resistant acid and salt resistant release agent water soluble release agent
Sizes Product Code Makes @1:6 Coverage
2.9 Litre RA\0003 20 Litres 500m²
5 Litre RA\0005 35 Litres 875m²
20 Litre RA\0020 140 Litres 3500m²

Safety Data Sheets

Release Agent (pdf)
Release Agent when Mixed 1:6 parts water (pdf)


Product Data Sheets

Release Agent Data Sheet (pdf)

Product Info Sheet

Release Agent Info Sheet (pdf)