Lanotec Type A Grease Group

Type ‘A Grease

A certified food grade lubricant grease.

A certified food grade lubricant grease.

    • Anti-seize for threaded rod, shackles, nuts & bolts
    • Cutting and drilling aid
    • Sealant for timber joints and bridge bearers, timber end grain protection
    • Moisture proofing of multi pin plugs
    • Food grade
    • Non conductive to 70kV
    • Salt spray tested to AS 2331.3.1
    • Rubber grease, nozzle dip
    • Stops galling of stainless and aluminium
    • Stops electrolysis due to dissimilar metals
    • Non perishing to rubber ‘O’ rings and seals
Type ‘A’ Grease Petroleum Based Products
User Friendly
Acid and Salt Resistant
Resists Wash Off
Sizes Product Code
235ml Tub GS\0235
250ml Tube GS\250T
500ml Tub GS\0500
1 Litre GS\0001
4 Litres GS\0004
20 Litres GS\0020

Safety Data Sheets

Type A Grease SDS (pdf)

Soft Grease SDS (pdf)


Product Data Sheets

Type A Grease Data Sheet (pdf)



Co-efficient of Friction Test(pdf)

Product Info Sheet

Type A Grease Info Sheet (pdf)