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  • antispatter-l

    Anti Spatter

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    A non toxic, non flammable, welding anti-spatter.

      • Does not contain Methylene Chloride
      • Ideal for minimal clean up time
      • Can weld through overspray with no porosity
      • Does not affect galvanising process
      • Corrosion inhibitor
      • Excels in drilling stainless and alloys
      • Lubricant for tapping and pressing
  • Lanotec-Citra-Force-Group


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    A citrus based, industrial strength, water soluble cleaner / degreaser concentrate.

      • Safely cleans aluminium, stainless and anodised surfaces without streaking(neutral pH)
      • A quick break degreaser and parts washer, safe for biocycles
      • Removes bituminous based products, oil, grease, carbon, adhesives, acrylic paintoverspray, shipping waxes, blackjack, uncured silicone or sealants, lanolin, rubberised glues
      • Cleans electrical and electronic components, foam filters, workshop floors,toilet and showers, safety harnesses, webbing and BBQ’s
  • Lanotec-General-Purpose-Group

    General Purpose Liquid Lanolin

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    For all round lubrication and corrosion protection, suitable for use in all industries.

      • Penetrates deep through rust, frees up rusted tools and components
      • Stops squeaks for longer
      • Provides ongoing lubrication and corrosion protection
      • Lubricant for drilling, tapping & machining
      • Cleans, rejuvenates and extends the life of metal, timber, vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber, fibreglass and powder coated surfaces
      • Protection of electrical equipment & components – Non conductive to 70kV. Includes circuit boards, switches, boxes, air conditioners etc
      • Light lubricant and protectant for hinges, zippers, padlocks, sliding doors, locks and chains
      • Long term indoors storage protection
      • Long lasting and resists wash off
      • Food Grade (AQIS & HACCP Accredited)
  • Lanotec-Heavy-Duty-Group

    Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin

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    Long lasting lubrication and protection in corrosive environments.

      • Marine grade lubricant and protectant
      • Penetrates, lubricates and protects wire ropes and slings
      • Non-fling lubricant and protectant for high speed & load bearing chains (X-ring & O-ring)
      • Spray on anti-seize
      • Protection of electrical components & connectors, including battery terminals, boxes, connectors, outboard motors and pumps – non conductive to 70kV
      • Cable pulling lubricant
      • External storage protection
      • Food Grade (AQIS & HACCP accredited)
      • Extends service intervals of plant & equipment
      • Suitable for use on: metal, timber, fibreglass, plastic, leather, rubber, vinyl & powder coated surfaces
  • Lano-Form-Group


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    Ready to use concrete release agent
    – Formwork Release Agent
    – Tilt Panel Bond Breaker
    – Precast Mould Oil

      • Safe for environmentally sensitive areas and waterways
      • Convenient when there is limited access to water for mixing concentrate
      • Safe for PVC, fibreglass, polypropylene and rubber moulds. Does not affect polystyrene
      • Non staining for coloured concrete
      • Low suction between panels
      • Protection of equipment from concrete overspray
  • Lanotec PowaWash Group


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    An industrial strength, non flammable cleaner/degreaser and parts washer fluid.

      • Plant & Machinery Cleaner
      • Parts Washer Fluid
      • Workshop Cleaner
      • Quick Break Degreaser
      • Non-flammable, non-toxic
      • Biodegradable
      • Water Soluble
      • Dries quickly upon wash off.
  • Lanotec-Release-Agent-Group

    Release Agent

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    A concentrated, water soluble, concrete release agent.

      • Mix 1 part Release Agent to 6 parts water for use as:
        • Formwork Release Agent
        • Tilt Panel Bond Breaker
        • Precast Mould Oil
        • 20L of Release Agent will make 140L of product for use
        • Coverage rate approx 20-25m²/L of mixed product
      • Safe to use in environmentally sensitive areas
      • Mix 1 part Release Agent to 4 parts water for:
        • A lubricant and corrosion inhibitor for jacks and fittings
        • Protects equipment, window frames and structures from concrete and paint overspray
      • Extends the life of timber formwork
      • Protects end grains from swelling
      • Safe for polystyrene block outs
      • Non staining for coloured concrete
      • Spray on equipment to protect from concrete overspray
    Release Agent Petroleum Based Products
    Biodegradable Release Agent Non petroleum based release agent
    User Friendly user friendly release agent biodegradable release agent
    Acid and Salt Resistant acid and salt resistant release agent water soluble release agent
  • Steel-Seal-Group


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    A low-tack protective film for all metal surfaces

      • Parts storage protection
      • 4WD & LV underbodies
      • Trucks, trailers*, ag & marine
      • Heavy industrial machinery & plant

    *Note: Not recommended for galvanised surfaces

  • Lanotec-Timber-Seal-Group

    Timber Seal

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    Weatherproofs and protects dressed timber while maintaining its natural look.

      • For decking, outdoor furniture, fencing, gates, beehives and cladding
      • Penetrates into the timber, providing a natural finish
      • Prevents drying, splitting, cracking and wood rot
      • For weatherproofing and storage of external timber
      • Highlights the natural grain & features
      • Can be tinted to restore colour (mix in 2-3% of oil based stain)
      • Can be sprayed, brushed or rolled
      • Can be polished to a low sheen
      • View our information and application videos here
    Coverage Guide
    Softwood New Approx 10-15m2/ltr
    Softwood Old Approx 8-10m2/ltr
    Hardwood New Approx 8-10m2/ltr
    Hardwood Old Approx 6-8m2/ltr
  • Lanotec-Timber-Seal-PLUS

    Timber Seal Plus

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    A timber sealant for rough sawn timber such as boardwalks and jetties.

      • Ideal for environmentally sensitive areas (waterways and wetlands)
      • Extends the life of timber
      • Prevents drying, splitting and end grain swelling
      • Corrosion protection for metal fittings and fastenings
      • Protects against wood rot
      • Can be tinted to restore colour (2-3% oil based stain recommended)
      • Coverage Guide
        • Approx 5-6m² / Litre
        • Coverage rate will depend on age and type of timber

    Note: Timber Seal PLUS is too thick for domestic decking applications, and is therefore not recommended

  • Lanotec Type A Grease Group

    Type ‘A Grease

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    A certified food grade lubricant grease.

      • Anti-seize for threaded rod, shackles, nuts & bolts
      • Cutting and drilling aid
      • Sealant for timber joints and bridge bearers, timber end grain protection
      • Moisture proofing of multi pin plugs
      • Food grade
      • Non conductive to 70kV
      • Salt spray tested to AS 2331.3.1
      • Rubber grease, nozzle dip
      • Stops galling of stainless and aluminium
      • Stops electrolysis due to dissimilar metals
      • Non perishing to rubber ‘O’ rings and seals
    Type ‘A’ Grease Petroleum Based Products
    User Friendly
    Acid and Salt Resistant
    Resists Wash Off
  • Lanotec-UP-Group

    U.P. Ultimate Protection

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    Lanotec U.P. is the ultimate in corrosion protection in highly corrosive / acidic environments.

    • Forms a low-tack protective skin which is moisture, salt, acid and fertiliser resistant
    • Stops rust dead in its tracks
    • Corrosion protection for;
      • Fertiliser and chemical storage facilities and equipment
      • Mining equipment (above and below ground)
      • Pump sheds
      • 4×4 underbodies
      • Shipping protection
      • Component storage protection
      • Electrical cabinets
      • Coastal plant operations
      • Irrigation equipment
      • Boom sprayers, misters, fertiliser spreaders
      • Marine applications
      • Vehicle restoration
      • Trucks, trailers* & agbikes
      • Cattle and animal transport
      • Drill pipe casing (ID and OD)
    • *not recommended for galvanised surfaces