Rust / Corrosion Prevention Sprays

Without cranes, trains, forklifts, 4WD’s, earthmoving equipment and trucks, Australia would grind to a halt. Lanotec Australia’s range of products have proven to be a key player in the maintenance and protection of these critical assets, which are all required to operate efficiently and reliably in the harsh and corrosive Australian environment. Lanotec corrosion protection products offer proven and superior corrosion protection for all surfaces as well as being a natural and safer alternative to petroleum based products.

From 4WD’s to heavy machinery, Lanotec has a corrosion protection spray for your requirements. Lanotec Liquid Lanolin sprays and Lanotec U.P. can be easily sprayed onto almost any surface, to protect from rust and corrosion caused by moisture, salt, acid and fertilisers. Lanotec products feature good capillary action, and spraying allows the product to get into hard to reach places. Once applied, the protective coating remains proactive in warm conditions. If the film is scratched or broken, the product flows in to re-seal the surface.

• Lanotec products are non-toxic and biodegradable, ideal for use in environmentally sensitive areas.

• Lanotec lanolin based products are non-evaporative and non-leaching, and resists being washed off the surface to which it is applies

• Lanotec products are designed to resist high pressure wash off, giving you peace of mind when protecting critical assets and spares outdoors and while shipping. The products are also easy to remove during maintenance intervals.

• Lanotec General Purpose Liquid Lanolin and Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin will also inhibit oxidisation and corrosion on electrical components and equipment. Protects lighting fixtures, battery terminals, electronic circuit boards, electrical cables and switchgear against electrolysis, verdigris creep, and crystallisation.

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