Product Approvals

AQIS – Citra-Force (Declaration for Meat Export) – Download

AQIS – Citra-Force Aerosol (Declaration for Meat Export) – Download

AQIS – General Purpose (Declaration for Meat Export) – Download

AQIS – Heavy Duty (Declaration for Meat Export) – Download

AQIS – Heavy Duty Aerosol – Download

AQIS – Type ‘A’ Grease – Download

HACCP Approval – Download

Taher Accreditation (Halal) – Download

New Zealand Food Safety Authority CF, GP, HD & GS – Download


Please note that from 30th June 2011 the AQIS chemical acceptance system is no longer a market access requirement, and AQIS no longer certifies product. Assurance of product is provided by a declaration attesting to the substance’s fit for purpose, and signed by an external chemist and the Managing Director of Lanotec Australia.
For more information on this please visit the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry’s document and website

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