Dressed Timber

Lanotec Timber Seal is the ideal choice for those who wish to protect their timber assets while maintaining a natural look. Timber Seal penetrates into the timber, preventing moisture ingress which causes wood rot. It also keeps the timber supple, preventing it from drying, cracking and splitting. Lanotec products are derived from natural ingredients including lanolin (woolgrease), making them an environmentally safer choice and safer to use. Lanotec Timber Seal is biodegradable and non-toxic. Lanotec Timber Seal is the ideal timber preservation product for dressed timber including decking, outdoor furniture, fences, gates and screens.

The easiest way to apply Lanotec Timber Seal is via a spray applicator and a lambs wool pad. The spray applicator can be anything that would provide a good mist; we recommend a pump-up garden weed sprayer, with a wand for ease of use. The lambs wool pad allows you to ensure even coverage and prevent overapplication.

View our range of Timber Seal videos to learn more on application methods and using tint to restore colour

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