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Along with the versatile lubricants and corrosion protection products, Lanotec has a range of products to suit particular workshop and construction applications.

Where most anti-spatters use Methylene Chloride, a known carcinogen, Lanotec Anti-Spatter uses lanolin as its base, so is much safer to use. Anti-Spatter has been tested and meets Standard AS/NZS 1554.1 Category SP. Instead of using a chisel to remove slag, a spray of Anti-Spatter before welding will make slag much easier to remove. Also great to protect and preserve leather welding gloves.

Release Agent is a concentrated formula that when mixed 1 part to 6 parts water, can be used as a formwork release agent, a bond breaker and for precast as a mould oil. Not only that but it can be used to coat assets and equipment to prevent issues with concrete and mortar overspray. Mixed at 1 to 4 parts water, Lanotec Release Agent can be used on jacks and fittings to protect and lubricate. Additional uses include use in creating plater cornices, and on bitumen trucks to assist with bitumen removal.

As lanolin has been known for centuries as a great timber preserver, Lanotec has harnessed the power of lanolin to create Timber Seal and Timber Seal PLUS for protection of timber assets. Timber Seal being ideal for domestic decking, dressed timber and outdoor furniture, while Timber Seal PLUS is widely used by councils and developers on boardwalks, jetties and timber bridges. The benefit of Timber Seal and Timber Seal PLUS is that they provide a natural matt finish, so if you like the look of your timber the way it is, Lanotec products are the ideal choice for protection.

Type A Grease has a wide range of applications. In the workshop it can be used as an assembly lube, as an anti-seize, a di-electric grease, nozzle dip and cutting compound.

Additionally in construction projects Type A Grease can assist with installation of fasteners, providing lubrication (less wear on drill), and internal corrosion protection on timber and metal.

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